Are you thriving, or are you just surviving? Think about that question for a moment. In this crazy fast paced world that we live in, where do you stand? We have a God given ability to not just take what the world throws at us, but to create a better environment for our families and ourselves. When it comes to healthcare, we have choices to make. Making the right choices can be the difference in whether we live life to the fullest or not.

Here at Authentic Spinal Care our goal is to create healthy communities so that all can thrive and experience life in balance. We want to encourage our patients not to accept the standard, but to expect more from their healthcare providers. More than just treating symptoms of sickness and disease, but finding the cause and correcting it.

There are too many people that are still suffering with health problems because the cause has yet to be determined. Often, the cause is an imbalance in the spine that has disrupted the sensitive nervous system.


There are often warning signs of this imbalance, they may include headaches, neck/back pain, asthma, high blood pressure, indigestion, frequent sickness, and insomnia to name a few. We feel blessed to offer the very safe, gentle, and effective NUCCA spinal corrective procedure, which can bring the body back into a more balanced state allowing the nervous system to function optimally.


If you are dealing with unresolved health issues, please contact us to see if we can help.


Body Balance