Dr. Lance E. Kellow was born and raised in central Iowa. While studying at Iowa State University, he realized his true desire in life was to educate and help others understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. That desire led him to Davenport, Iowa to Palmer College of Chiropractic, and his passion of helping others in their plight toward wellness was expanded. While attending Palmer College Dr. Kellow was honored to serve as president of his class, and chose to specialize in a unique upper cervical specific chiropractic technique known as NUCCA (The National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association).

After graduating from Palmer College magna cum laude in 2005 Dr. Kellow went into private practice as an associate doctor at Johnson Spinal Care Associates in Apple Valley, Minnesota to further his study of the NUCCA technique. Wanting to bring the health benefits of NUCCA to his home state, Dr. Kellow founded Authentic Spinal Care in the summer of 2008 in Urbandale, Ia.

“In Latin, the term doctor means teacher. It is my goal as a doctor of chiropractic, to educate my patients on the amazing health benefits that come from having a fully functioning, fully alive nervous system. I am a walking testimonial of the power of the NUCCA correction. I no longer suffer from debilitating headaches, insomnia,arm/ hand numbness, and have regained the focus I once had lost.”

Lance E. Kellow, DC