I was very skeptical when my husband started talking to me about upper cervical care. I had suffered from lower back pain and neck pain for many years. I had talked to my doctor about the pain years ago and he told me that I should quit my job. I teach in a Montessori and often lift kids. So, I concluded that I would just deal with the pain. After the birth of my second child, my back pain got worse. My husband finally convinced me to see Dr. Kellow. Before I started my care, I had upper and lower back pain, neck pain, poor sleep, migraines, joint pain and my hips often popped. After the first gentle adjustment, I felt better the next morning. I didn’t hurt as I got out of bed and I had slept well. Since I have continued my care, my back pain is gone, my hips are not popping and I sleep better. My knees and tail bone are pain free and I have been migraine free. I have also learned to take care of my spine and recognize the signs when I am out of alignment.

So has this care made a difference? Yes….an amazing difference! I would recommend it to everyone.


Misty K



A little over a year ago I went to see Dr. Kellow about serious pain that I was having in my upper left shoulder. During my first visit Dr. Kellow explained NUCCA to me and did a series of x-rays. It was found that my spine was not in balance. After my first adjustment, I could feel pressure being released from my shoulder and neck. I knew right away this was going to help with the pain I was having in my shoulder.

Dr. Kellow put together a series of NUCCA adjustments for me and he was able to “put my head on straight” ….as he likes to put it. NUCCA adjustments were able to rebalance my spine and let my nervous system function properly. By the end of my care, not only was the pain in my shoulder gone, but I realized that I haven’t had a head cold since I started to see Dr. Kellow.

I truly believe that NUCCA did help me.

Thank you Dr. Kellow!


Sharon P



Several years ago I started experiencing pain in my left knee. It gradually got worse and finally… I could hardly walk. My doctor took an x-ray and saw nothing, so he sent me to physical therapy. Some of the exercises I did helped, but I was still in pain. She thought I would need surgery. During this time a good friend of mine gently encouraged me to go see her chiropractor. Finally one day I could barely walk and I called the chiropractor’s office. I found out after an examination and x-rays, I was out of alignment and that was why I was in so much pain. I have been seeing Dr. Kellow for a year now and cannot believe how much better I am doing. I am pain free most of the time. I can take walks again and I am able to do the things with my family that were almost impossible before. It is a miracle to me! I didn’t have to take drugs or have surgery. Dr. Kellow spends time talking to me and explains things to me. It all makes so much sense…..heal from the inside. I am so thankful my friend told me about this type of chiropractic care. I don’t know what shape I’d be in today without it!


Kristy W