A consultation is conducted to understand the history of each individual. Next, a postural examination is performed to determine if a postural distortion is present. When it has been determined that a postural distortion is present, very specific X-ray films are taken. The analysis of these films calculates a precise, individual adjustment unique to each person.

The adjustment itself is performed to the upper neck and typically feels completely under-whelming. The amount of pressure or force is just enough to slightly dimple the skin.

Once the initial adjustment is made, follow up X-ray films are taken to determine if the adjustment is complete. The post X-ray analysis is used to determine if the atlas was properly returned to its neutral position directly underneath the center of the skull. Also, measurement of the neck is calculated to determine if the head and atlas are balanced appropriately. Further adjusting will be necessary if proper structural balance was not achieved. This is verified by the post X-ray film analysis.

Since each individual has a unique history and postural imbalance, follow-up care will be discussed on the visit following the initial adjustment.

This specific, gentle chiropractic approach has helped numerous people with various conditions. At Authentic Spinal Care, we do not treat a specific disease or condition. By restoring proper body balance, the body itself minimizes or heals the disease or condition.

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